Taare Zameen Par – Every Child Is Special

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Taare Zameen Par – Every Child Is Special

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My Comments:

no child is special, because, no fucking parent is special. and no child is special, children are children, people dont know how to live civilised, people don’t know how to treat other humans with dignity and respect. people are feared of freedom, as they dont know how to be free. this abuse will keep going, the fathers does it to his son, and the son does it his son, because, they do this to themselves. so movies like these are all entertainment, and people love watching it. like a barking dog that never bites, like me.

If every child is speacial, isnt every teen a special? isnt every  adult a special? isnt every elder a special? isnt nature special? int animals and plants special?

Where is this specialness evaporating in our society? where does the abuse creep in? are we romantasising lot about the specialness? or we are clever and smart that we know specialness only is seen on screens, and no fucking way is possible in the society?

this point reminds a great liner by Hitler, he once told that, i put my country men for test, this is a test to prove their lives for their skills to survive, in crisis like this, if people die, then its the weak that die, if people live, its the strong men that are going to live in future of Germany.

So are we all not doing the same thing? are we not pushin our children into this? and tell me can this be avoided? no way, the cycle of abuse, surivival, lifestyle has long started, this is all irrevesable, it also reminds me why? one can teach an illitrate, or the litrate, not the one in between.

i guess we are all one among them.


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