Life and its purpose – commentry

There is a question at least, a few of us keep asking ourselves.

Is there a purpose to life?

To me, the question is not right, as

Purpose of life is to survive.

Purpose of an act is to yield or achieve something.

Purpose of eating food, is fill the belly, and so to help us in survive.

Purpose of sex, is for pleasure, or procreations.

If there were no purpose, then the human mind is a chaos to himself.  Life is is diversely scattered, we can use the same word purpose in micro to macro scale, in fact coming to that point, there is a purpose of writing this post, blog.

Please do read a small poem or what ever its called as:

Purpose is like a envelope wrapping or documenting an act. Though you could always opt not to fill in the content on it, but the field is a must have in the envelope.

Another fellow blogger said:

We try to seek a purpose and build a purpose through our narrow visions.
But mostly its not a purpose we are searching. We are just bored and we feel there is something exciting waiting for us. We are waiting for some great miracle to happen which will put all the pieces of the puzzle together and make it whole. May be its high time we throw purpose out of the window.
This is all there is !!!

Gosay: I would still support this attitude or the definition to the purpose, but for that, a human, mind needs to undergo, the learning of what it is to search with a purpose, and then only he can understand, what ever he/she has spoken above,

To realise we need or don’t need the salvation, one has to undergo the grammer of life, in words, thoughts, emotions, and only later part of life, can one be convinced that what he wants, and needs.

So to conclude, use it carefully. At times if one cant make it, one has to fake it. And don’t hesitate to fake it. I mean use the words like purpose, aim, goal, and so on.


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