Who am i? – People Talk Wisdom


This is the best saying i have heard in a long time. it has helped to quell feelings of hopeless at certain situations lately. Thank you.

Anti- clockwise:

Thank you, to help quell feelings of my hopeless at certain situations, I have read or heard these best saying lately after a long time.


1. Do you realise, the way I feel it? “PEOPLE TALK WISDOM” at all times.

2. we know the questions, and the answers.

3. we need reasons, to convince ourselves or fool us to be at peace, pain, bliss, salvation….

4. if we are making our own questions and answers, are our questions right? are our answers right? are we perseving thing as it is? do we know anythingfor real? or all is a part of faking and fooling the mind, to be fooled my mind.





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