Modern saints

Today I was travelling to London with Vishnu, to meet a common friend, on the way I was speaking to Vishnu about certain business concepts, and how I feel de motivated when I realise that someone had discovered something, or is already in the market. But never mind, I keep digging my thoughts, then this is where I came upto.

Have you ever seen mahrshi Mahesh yogi channel? I did, many times, many of his programmes content went over my head, though I loved to watch them, if you have observed there, then you shall notice that, many of the theories are all verified with the scientific theories, or results. Proving that, these are all valid, and has something good for our humans.

I agree that, those saints, rishis, are all great, quite advanced set of people, when had to evaluated by the standards or expectations. If these saints hold great respect, then, im sure, there are many modern saints from different fields of life, like we an Einstein, we Darwin, we have ramanuja, we have many more…….these are all saints who have contributed to the progress of our humanity, where we are able to communicate this way now.

I am amazed how these people, these thinkers, saints, able to think? Dam, I eny sometimes though, but for me, the modern saints do hold as equal respect to any others. Today in many rituals in Hinduism, if these rishis names are referred, then, our modern saints names should also find there space too.


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