Cant Fight Machines




The term continues in this unique series following the daily lives of two schools in Palestine as they struggle with the extraordinary pressures of life under occupation.

The schools are still struggling with teachers’ issues despite the strike being halted, and the situation with over-crowded classrooms is exacerbated when the boys’ school is landed with 42 more pupils.

Meanwhile, the strain increases for students Masar and Osaid, as both attempt to write essays while being caught up in the Israeli prison system, and there is trouble brewing as the families settle down for Iftar celebrations.

Gosay Comments:

I saw this programme, Fucking fucking horrible, I will tell you an event from my life,

This is when I was in Sheffield, period when I was desperate to work for or to cope up my bills back home, I found this job at Cadburys factory, and I was in a unit that produced jelly sweets, and then, I went to work the first day, with my apron woren, and scarf to cover my hair, and boots to wear, seems to be so good for now, the nightmare just about to start, stood in the que, to swipe my time card to enter into the hell. I was instructed to the location where I shall be working, each ray was had jellies and each is about 8kg if im right, and then, im supposed to stand for a while at this point, to feed the machine for it to pack it. Then I thought OK, well lets get started, and when I saw the speed at which the machine was running, dropping as per the health and safty will cause problems in production, then I started with two trays at a time, that even didn’t help me, as the conveyer belt went empty within no time. And then later I started to pump in, 4 trays, to match the speed, and then, this is all happening in less than an hour, and I have 7 hours of shift, to finish. and I was pushing my self so hard, just waiting for the 15 mind break, in between, but then, when the break came, while I went to the canteen, took 10 mins, dam , and the next 5 mins I just took a nap, that more relaxing than bloody eating anything there. And then, walk back to the killer machine, and I was standing there, again, cursing, it, begging it to hold its speed, or get spoiled, or what ever, to help me save, NO, it cant, it will not hear, no mercy, then, it’s a time to shift the positions, then, I came to slot where the I have pic the finished goods, then, this is no less than the above, I have to pick these, and fill the pallet, once the pallet Is finished to fill, then I have to bring the new pallet, and start keep going, and if in this mean time, there is a heap of boxes at the conveyer  belt, if I took long time, the team lead is there, trying to help, but feels ashamed that he is doing my job,  and then I kept on working, seeing others around, and trying to motivate myself, keep pushing hard, most importantly seeing women working, and im crying here like a baby, if they can do it, why not me? But the pain was increasingly excruciating, im baring it, but no longer, when I was again called to first floor where from where I started (feeding the machine) I thought, why god? Why me? Why this work? Why would any one here? Is this hellstation where we are thrown into? Fuck me, fuck you, fuck this machine, but finally the day came to an end, leaving this place, that gate, gave me as if im FREE, I felt as If I got my freedom, I fought for it, this is it, I never could relate to my countries independence day, never could relate or understand what they all fought for? But now, and now I understand what it could have been. Though my thoughts took over me, until I catch my buss, as I just couldn’t stop my eyes lids, collapsing, and lucky me,  and great of my body, which was still awake to wake me up just at the right time to get down, and then used to come home, and take a 1000mg paracetmol after something to eat, and that’s it, sleep, just sleep, sound sleep, even babies don’t sleep that well, I forgot about those bed bugs were leaching my blood, I forgot, it was mid day, and sunlight hitting me straight on my face, im lost.

Next shift arrived, I just don’t remember what I said to my self, and here I am, walking straight into this hell, I could feel, I could sense every wall, is made tough, nothing cares us, nothing cares me, nothing tender. But then I did it once again, I swiped the card, surrendered to the master the machine, few shifts passed by, I made two friends there, we travelled together, one fine day, early morning shift, at 5 o clock in the morning, we lost our patience, we were standing infront of the gate, we telling to each other, im scared to step in, what do we do? That’s it, we made the back step, we retuned to home never came back to that company, every time I pass by that company, It reminds me of these memories. Today I could recollect watching this programme.

I don’t know what they were fighting for,  the act of fight was more painful than, the cause of fighting, I feel so miserable, when my parents fight, I keep asking to the sky, where the questions only fall on my face but not more than that, why the fuck should a human, screw his balls, to be how he is, the survival those days was, about face the battle with animals, predators, natural calamities, natural changes, but now, fucking life , fucking humans are scared of his own fellow humans.

Now when I saw this programme, I felt the rush of blood, from head to toe, to jump into the TV, and be there, right there, in that very moment, kill every fuking human, the stone throwers, the police, and all, kill all those, bloody insects, lechers, but then, one question poped, how many can you kill, how many will you kill? That’s it, I cant become another Hitler, I cant be another magnanimous person, to live this, since this event still not reached my life, for now, this shameless creature, will behave as one who will take this programme as just another programmes we watch on TV, and news, and walk away. I shall think im a whore, and get fucked, that it, one day, at least I shall rise to the sky so high like the Kali, and destroy this plague, hope that day will come where at least, I bring this vision from my book, The Thirteen Monkeys. Until then, a whore one among you. Gosay.


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