Life Is Wonderful – Terms & Conditions Apply

Life Is Wonderful

Face your past without regret.
Handle your present with confidence.
Prepare for the future without fear.
Keep faith and drop the fear.
Don’t believe your doubts and never doubt your beliefs.

Life is wonderful if you know how to live it.

(Source: Click here)

observe the authors instructions in the first four lines, these lines can be made up with any IF statements, or i should say TO DO statement to fulfil the objective of “Life is Wonderful”
But The core principle to fulfil the last line, is the 5th line.
the 5th line signifies the aspect called “Conflict” or “Contradict”
Never Ever Contradict to your self, Follow my wallpapers that shall speak.





If you understood this, you have understood the Art of  Happiness Survival. This is the only terms and condition apply my friend! Keep walking.


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