Mister God

Before Reading: The below article was obtained from here.
The italic is a part of that original article. the answers answered are mine, though i have deviated from the context of asking question, but i hope you will have fun reading them. thanks.

Someone sent me this quotation on e-mail: “I talk to everyone. All the time. The question is not to whom do I talk but how many actually listen”, they also said that the e-mail was meant for atheists like me.I am not an atheist. I, however, do not believe in exhibitionist prayer and organised religion. I wonder what makes most people think I am an athiest? What do atheists look like? Are they short and dark? Do they have loud-mouths? Do they grow tails?

What I do is to talk to talk to god everyday. Sometimes I get answers, most times I don’t or maybe I don’t hear…

These are some of my questions:

1) Being god sounds like a full-time job. Human beings seem like a lot of trouble. If you could tell the future– why did you create us in the first place?

A: A body remains in the state of stationary position, until unless its been disturbed by an external force.
Now what has the course of journey which is quite predictable if nothing new interventions is expected, but if at all it did, we know what next to, so just because we know, the course of journey, as we are clever, what is it has to do for the creation of the body? the question is a stupid question. NEXT.

2) Why me?
A: You are now aware of “Me” thing, how did you validated that you are alive, are you really sure you are right about it?


4) What are your thoughts on sex, love and such?
refer: http://gosay.aminus3.com/image/2007-08-14.html

5) So who created you and how and why?
A: Why created? wrong question, does an animal think this? does a plant think this way? so tell me, who is to be blammed? Fucking YOU, For your fucking Mind that is twittering all the time. it created you, before you were talking about your fucking god.

6) Is there a way to get out of this mess?

A: yes, try: http://gosay.aminus3.com/image/2007-11-24.html

7) Why is pleasing you the most difficult, unpleasant and horrid task?
A: Because i dont fucking see if you are there? to you are a halusination. i have people talking, and though who claim seeing left unspoken or things that i dont understand, or i have undergo the samething, and buggers never returned back, at last, i dont fucking trust me, more than you.

8) How did you decide what is good, bad and ugly?
A: Wtf? the sufferring you asked, who is asking? now who is this question posed to? you allright mate?

9) Can I hold you responsible for everything? Even murder?
A: Yes i wish i could too.  fucking God.

10) Is hell any different from where I am- or am I already in hell?
A: you forgot another choice to choose: AM I HELL?

11) What if you sentenced somebody to hell and found it was a mistake?
A: its Hell, and only bad things happen here, even mistakes, KEEP QUITE, or else you will stay here for ever.

12) What if you woke up one morning and found that you were one of us? Would that make you re-design the world?
A: NO, REBoot!, wait, this is again a part of simulation dude, im a clever God, not like, only humans can make mistakes..and god can only think of mistakes….got it!

13) So where am I headed? I could do with the information…. Really.
A: sorry bro, your journey goes forward, untill your mind is charged, once dead, your journey is dead.

14) Why won’t you let me go back in time and change somethings I did. Only in this life. Please?
A: OK, i will change your mind, so that you cant ask this questions, bugger you are asking so many fucking questions? whats wrong with you, be normal, live normal you fuck.

15) Can you even justify pain? Ever? By retribution? Is retribution a godly thing to do?
A: lol

16) Are you an immature scientist just experimenting with our lives?
A: No comments.

17) Are we really that stupid?

A: you could proove your self, or fool yourself, why do you want to pull me into it, i have better things to do. see me later.

18) Do you even care?
A: blody fuck, thats why im doing the digestion, after you ate that filthy potatoes outside. im pumping blood, inspite of you fucking asking these questions? im made automation so much available, bloddy you should be thankfull to me.

19) Do we have free will or are you authoritarian? Why?
A: do you think, i created some questioning programe here to ask me these questions about me, to me? are you gone nuts, DAM,who is there, please teriminate this old peice of annoying programme.

20) Do you have a sense of humour?
A: why do you think i made a earth with a bunch of fools like you?


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