REAL!!! – mystical visions and experiences?

Between 14 and 21 years of age, UG spent seven years off and on with Swami Sivananda in Rishikesh practicing yoga and meditation. He had various mystical visions and experiences there, but he questioned their validity as he thought that he could recognize them only on the basis of his prior knowledge he already had about them.
read this over and over again, one of the wisest word spoken by a man. truely, hats off to you UG.

Equation (1) 

For understanding this lines, take the mind set of a human in a quarrel/ conflict(s).

two people are in a fight, to proove that one is right in their perspective and trying to proove that to the others is one of the way of defining conflict.

most of the quarels are based on the event/situation commenly shared but responded or flagged to a quarrel.

Now, in life we create our own realites, and we ourselves validate it that they are right, and to that matter can fight with any other person, and feel happy about holding, protecting, and enriching it.

Equation 2: 

now for something to be compiled  by the mind, or to validate a object, for example, you have to learn that its a cup, so that you wil be able to identify that this is a cup, when it shows up anywhere. one in life is also has from minimum ranging to maximum creativity to identify different forms of cups, shapes of cup, that can fall in or can be called as cups.

the similar way, today, when one encounters a spirutual expereience then, that means he has the inteligence to validate, or identify it, like he does to a cup.

now the way one is taught about the cup, what if it was wrong? what if the conflicts in life, in any context, are like the senario explained in Equation (1)?

how true are these things? please also refer by other articles:

I hope you understand where im  come from.

thank you for your patronage, if you were by any chance reading it.

PS: I have seen that in many reference of UG’s life, they talk about his experiences and other related stuff, which i believe he is least bothered, and i feel they are wrong, words used to talk about him, which i strongly deny it.


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