60 eyes on me.

The pressure is griping me,

My fucking mind that cares for others is not caring for me

Today my heart speaks for some one else and not me

Today I want to die, but it will not let me, you know why

It love them more than me,

I feel like dieing, I feel like to be never existed,

But it will not let me do it.

I pushed the volume so high, to escape him,

I pushed the pint so much, I dread him,

Now, I ran away, I could,  but he is there, still there,

How can any one help me,

Do you think he will let me go, if some gave the ransom?

 Hahaha ha ha haaa.haaaaa……………….

Am I laughing, am I crying, am I angry

Am I depressed? Am I confused , am I , I, and I,

Why to write, whom to speak, what do I need, what can be done,

To drive him off from me.

This is life I live, this is life,

This is a paragraph of 60 I’s

Full of  pain….i wish I write,

This was a paragraph of 60 I’s, soon.


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