humans propagating

Wave propagation is any of the ways in which waves travel through a medium (waveguide).

— RE: human, who is valid in a human thought, which i shall refer here as Wave, and the medium through which this thought propagate is LIFE.

With respect to the direction of the oscillation relative to the propagation direction, we can distinguish between longitudinal wave and transverse waves.

RE: There he sees always in duality, the wave first starts, so he does he validates himself saying that he was born, the wave has its end destination, or ends some where, which the human calls himself the state of death.

the life which we are talking is only valid between these two points, as the memory that the human holds, is between these two points.

it could also be derived, that the path of the energy is propagating at a speed that the memory to an identity is a short term memory, so a humans seen from an eagle point of view is a stream of thoughts, or energy. in a shorter scale, when the memory unit is considered as a single unit, has a strong pattern to it, where the memory has an identity, self generating the thoughts like the skin of a snake to move forward, the memory, or the ID, or the person, creates his identity, and then, he propagates by creating a longitudinal or transverse waves, or both togther in a complex fashion.
the longitudinal waves is a masculine wave, or positively charged. the transverse waves are the shakthi way of propagating or feminine wave propagation.
using the both mode of travelling, the human unit cell propagates itself ahead.
for this he uses, his thought, season it with emotions, makes sure that he created a impact, or a reality where here in it could be in the mode of longitudinal or transverse, he creates a reality, and then keeps propagating.
the unit cell of memory has its individual journey, but to understand the its structure, the entire human thought is supposed to observed, where this unit cell belongs to, it will then be seen that, the entire human race is a stream of light, when or while coming close to small time intervals, different images, which comprises, people, places, animals, things, in that image, which are called as event or situations.
and when each pixel of the ……………………………………………..i left it in between, and im drunk to continue this article. bye.


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