A few of OUR realizations

*** this article was taken from a blog,  this article has nothing to with the author, and i dont mean anything personal or intentional to the author, i has used these words, to express my opinions or to express my view, im thankfull for the author with all due respects. my comments are in the ( ) so anything outside is belongs to the words used by the original author.

Life gave me a lot of opportunities to learn and grow. A few of my realizations are :

    * Thought control(a thought can dominate other, its natural tendency of a hot air to raise highs so are thoughts, but the way its interpreted or judged makes all the difference, then its called as will, like dislikes, love, and so on)

    * The power of now (that’s also the title of one of my favourite books)

    * The strength in silence (like sleep, some rest to thoughts and mouth is not a bad thing)

    * The purpose of being ( first terms and condition with which we learn to live, is this, like any other windows application, no one reads the terms and conditions and just live, like wise does life, we live, that’s it)

    * Moderation in all aspects of life ( this is the driving force behind why a person should be happy, and to really enjoy it, why i should feel sad too, though when one is happy, or got used to it, then he has push the liver up, this is pain now, but he will achieve it, he is back to happy again.)

    * Synchronous life ( one way of romanticising life)

    * The observer state for thought control (observer is an observer with no objective, hence the statement is false)

    * Maya of the world around ( i exists, therefore me the world exists, i is a set of identity can that hold some intelligence, therefore the using this dna mutation, the world is built)

    * The ultimate truth (once the knowledge fade from the mind, then only the truth fades)

    * Life shouldn’t have desires but must have passions and direction (all are the same words)

    * The strength behind uncertainty. (its good to fool more the humans)

    * The power and need for vairagya (its another way of romanticising life)

    * The power of thought (yes i agree, i feel it has so much power, that to save it, i have to draw the knowledge from the thought itself, its like asking the thief, to police the house, or asking him, if you have stolen anything)

    * Being open about everything but take care as to only the positive things effect you. (all humans do this, the first positive thing that they saw was life, and its sense with their senses, and propelled with common sense)

    * Love all unconditionally, ( love all is blunder, love all unconditionally is a another blunder, hello dear madam/sir, we are here to live, and spend these fucking years and die, i was don’t dumped  here to love, if i need something, it could be the way i want from the others, i have to do something, as i know there is a pay for everything, no one a god like that story Jesus, who will love even after crucifying him, so you may call it love, i call it as my need, or dependency no more poetry)

    * Advaita Philosophy. ( a kind of thought patter that talks about rational thinking)

    * Non resistance and total acceptance, (bullshit, life is combination of compressions and rarefactions, that’s how the life propagates)

    * The power of faith ( a cluster of thoughts, or a macro called emotion, to drive the thoughts and influence the physical body)

    * Have total control over self without addictions ( you are a big addict to your body, so you there fore you cant get rid of yourself)

    * Multisensory being (different data inputs, or default accessories to the humans)

    * Harmony between the different aspects of self (if equilibrium is attained then you, the condition is attributed to either, clinical death or un-humanistic or referred to angelic)

    * Nothing happens unless one is destined to learn from the experience. (its other way around also)

    * Awareness and consciousness. (deravative of thoughts)

    * Choose based on the priorities of higher self. ( this is what i say dominancy, why to use some kind of poetic terms called higer self?, and btw heigher self is not only a good one, it can be anything that can dominate or tamper or overwrite the other thoguht)

    * Balance between Karma, Bhakti ,Raja and Jnana Yoga…(dont think too much, im hungry,lets eat)

    * Detachment, ( yes finally with the knowledge i have gained, im aware and reminds me that i wil die, as i learnt what death is)

    * Balanced life with proper moderation… ( ok enough haaa)

    * Feel the being….( which being are you talking about? come near me, i will give a hug)

    * The link between breath and heart beat to the being ( sorry my hand doesnt go so far, all it can think of is  some food that can be reached to my mouth)




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