Surrender is the only way…

Retro grate of a planet means the planet is not moving in the reverse direction.  The planet in relative to other planets might look like the planet is moving in the reverse direction but in reality the planet is static.

Likewise, is the difference between objectiveness and surrendering. To be objective is like surrendering to the given situation.

But surrendering above mentioned is in reference to the be open, or ready to accept to any give situation, in other words, a situation is a situation and not adulterated form of any judgment of good or bad, win or loose, profit or gain. And to work with it and learn the situation and before acting, or responding to it.

Now, in spiritual terms, surrendering at times can also be referred to making the ego transparent or not being interfered. In other words, to act instinctively or acting with the purely to the needs of the situation, and not for the personal  gain or loss, though at the end the benefiter might be the doer itself, but still the method used to act in a situation is also a way of surrendering.

Surrendering can also be experienced this way at times, like a dead fish in a current of floods.

Either ways when the person identity is always the lower hand then, this is surrendering. To give up in a bespoke fashion of using the names of god, religion, faith, passion, intuition, all are the same.

If we all haven’t surrendered to the life, then we must be munching a bag of popcorn in the sky and doing some thing else.

We have already surrendered, there is nothing new, or more to be done.


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