Key Questions to Ask Before you sell or buy!

Its Been Authored by an auther, about the seven Key points to create effective Advertisement. the complete article can be found here CLICK HERE

Persuasiveness: will the offering and the words make people want to buy?
Communications: is the point we want to make the point that really comes across?
Recall: Will customers remember our message among all the others in the media when it comes time to buy?
Self-Involvement: Does the message strike personal emotional chords with the people it targets? Do they see themselves as needing/desiring what we offer?
Credibility: Does the message sound believable to those it targets?
Clarity: Is the message(s) comprehensible?
Tastefulness: Would the copy turn anyone off? Does it appropriately reflect our company?
Stimulation: Does our message make our products/services stand out creatively so it will be noticed among thousands of others?

After reading the Above seven comandments, ask your self a question, how many things are been sold to you in this life?

My mom or father sold me that they are parents, later they made me buy me, the sold me LIFE, they sold me GOD, Teacher, they sold you all, they used many thing LOVE, Ethics, Morals, Good, BAD, what not every fucking thing.

 * A Quote in this context:

The things you own end up owning you.  It’s only after you lose everything that you’re free to do anything.  ~Fight Club movie, screenplay by Jim Uhls, directed by David Fincher, novel by Chuck Palahniuk

Today i stand in front of you who is a Victim, abused by all this nonsense, to which i cant relate to, mean to. Im here struggling between the earth and the sky.

Everything you are understanding, is because you have let you buy it, be it this post or anything else in or about life, but i dont stand here to impose what is right, or what is wrong, in any context, but i just raise that we are all consumers of the rubbish we created, so deal with it appropriately.

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