Now that i know i’m no wiser than anyone else, does this wisdom make me wiser? –HUGH PRATHER



A persons wise ness is valid or defined only when one is compared with the other.


Wisdom is something you claim, at time, this intelligence/intent/thought is again self manipulated way, to use it for creating once own peace or misery.


No when you question wisdom making you wiser, is a try one to ask, because, the authors true intentions is not clear.

take 1: one is using this word to prove his is below the other.

take 2: this is a technique used to resolve inner conflict of once own higher self and lower slef.


so one should understand that, like once own identity is created based on relativity or comparison only, so is wisdom.


We need a validator to verify the act!!!! Otherwise, any act is just an act, not a good or bad act. – gosay



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