unattached Love

Emotion with out any attachment (expectation, exploitation) is LOVE.

1. Human is one who is attached to the impermanence.

2. Salvation means release or to set free.

3. God is unlimited. God, as is, is beyond any attributes of form, color, shapes … That is,                God does not have any specific form or name.

4. Love is god.

So love which is beyond expectation, exploitations, like god, and whose touch can transform sinner to an angle…… im sorry im confused now, and he stays with me and all of us? And this concept which has to be understood, realized and felt, not just to be worshipped (god/love)????

Can undefined (love) exist with the boundaries or limited human?

Can it (love/god) be once realized and not become an immortal or god, and still remain to be human?

Do human love? Do I love? Do you love? And is the love that you refer to is one above?

Well I would like to conclude, may all those who love, suck there balls, its more ecstatic than love. And that is love. Love is what you do in bed, not in your head or heart. Get over it, and yes, dont forget to attach the almighty condom(s)!


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