Karma – the cause and effect bible.

 “As you sow so shall you reap” this is the fundamental law spoken in different domain with different dictionary of words.

One of my favourite way of formulating this is “for every given unique situation, every action has its equal and appropriate response”.

How does this system work?

Thought – this is a piece of information hold or processed by the human brain.

Memory/Knowledge – A group of thoughts, tagged/mapped/related between two thought, or a group(s) of thoughts which I prefer to call as thought clouds.

Emotions are kind of software macros, or auto run set of instruction to a given situation. The fundamental emotion is derived from the outburst of the first knowledge about survival. Here you see one word called survival but like a person has a shadow that cant be separated, likewise there is a shadow definition to this word. When we say survival we also mean that this is clearly defining the antonym of survival or death, or it can be retold as, with out the definition or the knowledge or understand of death, one can’t pretty much know about the survival. At the time of human birth, the baby is first taught to survive, with air, thought this is the official lessons to the five senses, but the child had already started its survival lesson way in the womb of the mother. The survival emotion becomes the root of all other emotions that are later derived in the human life cycle. Likewise, when decompiling any emotions, you will realise that, each emotions are human conditions. These conditions execute in complex and random ways and within the scope of unpredictability to probability, to verify with the gathered and validate them. (This is a limited definition).

Seen and unseen areas of Karma:

Not all conversion of energy from one state to the other are seen, or traceable.

Example: we can see a clay turning into pot. But cant see water evaporating.

Like wise, human’s conditions are executed based on many factors. As complex it is that, I could just pause and write a massive book, or you could dig into artificial intelligence to reverse engineer the human behaviour.

Since the humans have five sense, the gateways to his reality, and the innumerable combinations that can be generated from each gateway, and multiplied by 5 shows how complex is just the execution of human intent. But as mentioned, this is a scope between

The region unpredictability to probability, where the probability is again defined by the its own probability and so on hence leading to conclusion of impossibility J.

But since humans are driven by emotions, and each emotions are just nothing but the set of instructions, there will be a definite cause and effect impact when executed.

Though each programmer is unique (you), this makes an series of response the way you respond to this post, (crap, great, silly, mmm…., what? And so on) so like wise, no one ever knows the source code. This is the limitations of the humans that certainty or perfection or accuracy can never ever be attained as they are design or epitome of imperfection, and from imperfection, perfection can never be created.


Example: A person who has affairs. His sister’s husband also has affairs. He can not tell his sister he is also doing like his brother in law. When his sister cries he feels bad and helpless.

~Now from the above situation, (concept of bhanda or runa bhanda , family and so on starts up) the participants here are 1. he 2. sister 3. sisters husband. Here the he and his sister are since childhood together nothing strange, but then a person was attracted into there life as a common catalyst, sorry I have to re say it again, (do you play chess? Can you predict my step of next 5th step?) ( in physical there is a many areas where state is defined, like audible range, visible range, orbit, bands and so on, in simple way, hot air rises up and cold air stays below in a room – so possibility that all the hot air atoms are most densly found in top of the room and not at the bottom of the room) the same way is a situations and its participants too, in a given situation, only few people, objects, places are available for utility. And so was a situation where these people criss cross there life in this context. But they diverge diversely in other contexts. But in this given context, they participate for their personal needs. Like joint account, this is a joint workout. One thing is its always been a win-win for all, even though it might look/felt/understood for the humans. (have you ever used a GPS Navigation software? If you miss this street the programme automatically recalculates the next path based on the route choosen [ a similar auto mechanism called healing or immunity system is defined within the body]) so if these participants missed here, they would have substituted with a new variables that are of the similar energy levels, now this could manifest at work, moods, places, other people or what ever…

Is there something called moksha?

Ok, tell me what is an integer  in number systems ?  they are which are zero, the natural numbers, and the negatives of the naturals:

…, –6, –5, –4, –3, –2, –1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, …

Now when I show those dots, means numbers extending to the infinity. In simple words, you mind cant understand, or interpret a zero (nothing) and infinity (everything), it needs boundaries, when these two things are defined outside boundaries, and just because its beyond human capabilities doesn’t mean that this is god!!!.

So things like salvation can never be attained, and if you attained you will never know where you have come from. More or less you become nothing. but anywhere between, you propulsion is based on compressions and rarefactions ( happiness and sadness) you create for yourself the day you go mad, is your are one of them. The day you are un-human, you have attained moksha as only a mind know or identifies moksha. Good luck buddy!.

I have write a lot of crap, my hands are hurnting now. Ta ta c u bye bye


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