“God the Creator” Was created by ME

I believe there is nothing called creativity.. only GOD can be considered as the creator.. we are just manipulating the things around.. and not creating anything new.. OPINIONS DIFFER anyways…

A friend of mine quote the above lines… im not sure what I wanted to write has been posted already in my blog or not here is what I have to say.

What happens to a drop that merges with the ocean?

There was a drop, and now the identity changed, its now ocean, it will also be false in a great way saying that drop has become the ocean, it also wrong to say, the  drop is one with the ocean, when we say ONE, how can we talk about TWO identities?

The is sound(story) untill it just touched the ocean, after that……silence. Now anything that can be spoken is all about Ocean…..

(hey im not talking about salvation or portraying god as ocean)

Similarly, this is the conflict between the defined and the indefinable. So let us understand the definition of the what a human is what a human is not, just because we have a brain that can think, doesn’t mean that we can fantasies or create any one , or anything, LIKE GOD, LOVE and so on……  and if really god is there then, humans are at a vulnerability where the god has creped into, where the animal doesn’t know who the fuck is god, my chair doesn’t know who the fuck is god, this air, water, earth, sky no one knows who the fucking god is!!!! What’s the fucking wrong with humans?  But anyways… I will join my friends words as a climax to this post…. OPINIONS DIFFER anyways…

So Keep fucking keep walking…..


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