Exploring the innerself

How far is your inner self away from your outer self?

What’s there in between these two?

Which part of your self recognizes, differentiates from your inner self to that of the outer self?

If you are exploring your inner self, should i assume that you are now the outer self? or some other acute angles of self.

On an assumption that the outer self is Atheist, and the inner self if theist, do you think each understands each other? but though each learn or hold there definition/identity by criticizing the other only, ( i call this as repulsive identities or dualities) Question: what’s the objective?

Positive context ( i hate to right this) :

Rather than creating a classes of you, races of you, i wish there was united you, like all parts of you stand towards you, live as a patriot to their soul – The You.

These you(s) in you, are a part of one thing in you, that’s your fucking MIND.

This is the First post of the WTF (what the fuck!) series.


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