Body = Belly Soul = Heart Mind = Mind

i have learnt 2 important sayings, which i will link this way.

1. if your wings don’t flip, you cant fill your belly.

2. if you stomach is not full, nothing reaches to the heart.

now the third level that i have created is.

3. If your heart is not full, nothing reaches the head.

head is the temple of god, Brahma the epitome of mind, No one can get the hold or understand to deal with these levels completed.

these days, or the days of kaliyuga is so designed that, the majority of once efforts are all going to be less than sufficient to fill the bellies, hence these days, we dont see much of love around, hence the spirituality degrades gradually and perish one soon.

My dear fellow human beings, don’t screw your balls that we can’t achieve.

Be human:

Close your nose and live, you can’t; you will die.

Don’t eat anything for the next few weeks, you can’t; you will die.

so do what sustains breath, do what sustains your belly, the rest is a fantasy that your mind creates. Its wild, vast, versatile, and volatile. But don’t get loss, get lost!.

Animal Vs human:

The one vital difference is MIND. What good it is when we have this fucking brain, and we can use it for happiness? i fucking envy these animals, who are more happier than me.

Nothing is perfect, that implies, nothing is complete. so from where or how correct are we in comparing the good or bad, when nothing is complete and perfect?

This fucking humanity is fucked up!!!!

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