God Creat(ed)(ing) Everything?

This article is partially inspired by the words that I heard in one of the OSHOs lectures, where he stated that god stopped his work of creating universe, or something like that, at that point of time I didn’t get the context or relevance. But that seed of the words, gave birth to the yet another what the fuck thingy.


Did god created the world? Then what is he up to now? or is he, still creating the world?

Assuming he created the us, earth, Universe…hang on, so if the universe is infinite, then god must be busy creating worlds somewhere on the end of the universe, which we still call it infinity.

i think this is a hardcore truth because, he is so obsessed in creating the worlds/planets/ stars/ galaxies, fucking living beings…… he created earth, and left us all on ourselves long time ago.

If god created this world, and busy listening to my pity request, filthy desires, policing on my disgusting deeds, reading my sneaky thoughts and intensions, then he is a complete idiot than me. he must be doing something better job indeed.

If god created the world, hats off for to his master piece, if he is listening to these words, hey i addressed the wrong guy!

Now some one wrote:

God is the funniest and at the same time the sickest person or concept in the world. He makes people with different talents and talent levels, and make them think they are all equals. He gives few things for someone without asking, and for some he makes to struggle for the same. He sometimes ignores people who love him, and love people who ignore Him. How much God has blessed you or how much God likes you can be known by a simple test. and so the article went on……

personally i don’t mean anything wrong towards the author, but i just couldn’t figure it out!!!!

What the Fuck is all happening here all together!

Should I be tell my self that, god not just created everything, he is struck here, and he is not just everywhere, but he is now here and always here, and busy listening to his all creations?

Ok do we listen or check our organs how they work daily? Do you listen to the hard ships that stomach is undergoing to digest that half cooked, over spiced piece of chicken, and get ready for the next dump?

Fucking NO> if fucking we don bother about these fine little things, do you think, GOD would have all the time on earth to you idiot!




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