8th house transit!

What have I done!!!

September 2007 to feb 2008: this is when I was cooked, the aroma can be smelled all over the room, all over the house.

sHHH! Quite.

Today I can walkover me. I now have no one personality, nor the split personality not even the multi split personality but self destructive personality.

This reminded me of one atom theory that a person wrote, spiral model. Its seems the nucleus shrink in spiral and collapses.


Just few seconds before while thinking of writing the above line, I just felt, ( its like multiply the tempo speed of your song, 4 times how funny does it sound, and how quick the length the of the song is covered? – so quick but rich experience)

This mind could just fly into the sky, where it saw the sky, the land, the planets, and at the same time, me almost paused to type, and I see that after im dead, like a waning light of a candle, the memories is disappearing into smoke, and that’s it over …………………….. nothing else.

Now im back, here and now what have I done above? Written above?

Doesn’t make sense…………

Shut the fuck up,

Have fun,

Fuck all around

PS: 8th house transit, from 1st lord the 12thhosue transit! ( what  a lucky ass i am, im still on a profit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


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