Abort the kid

My aborted three times, My parents poverty was such, my parents life was like that, today they feel so guilty that they in search of redemption, they are doing as many poojas as possible, they are willing to go to any temple to nullify so called the bad karma that they acquired.

But today I said, mummy, you think that what you did was a wrong thing, and you are going to temple to beg pardon, but they way I see you I like a soldier a savior who saved three souls coming to this filthy scum of people, today I bow down to your feet, and feel so proud like a soldier who saved his country, I feel as proud that you saved three fucking humans from this misery.

Mummy this world is fucking filthy, all mothers and parents are filthy dogs, they give so much of love, they give so much of care and attention, that being kid we feel like we are all angels, protected, no bad anywhere, all good, goodies all around. But when you push into this fucking world, we are all lost, we are bullied, we are tortured, we are raped, we are abused, we run around people begging to love us. We manipulate others saying that I love you, but fucking don’t realize that two beggars have come to a mutual understanding though, like how a junior graduates to his second year and now he can also rag his juniors, this lineage of become parents is never coming to an end.

And not just that: continue to read this: https://gosay.wordpress.com/2008/04/15/body-belly-soul-heart-mind-mind/


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