I did this

The fool, cheated by self, thinks, “This I did”


This line reminded me of this movie called “Exorcism of Emily rose” . and few other related to ghost getting into bodies and doing all the naughty stuff.


When we walk, when we eat, when we living, its isn’t we, its something else doing. Then why the fuck is he talking at all, if it the fucking god everywhere? When people say.

This fucker did also say that, In good or evil: equability

Is Yog, is piety! I pity you fucker, because, if its all one, then why are you seeing me? The one different from you? When god is omnipresent, when all is one, why the fuck are the people talking at all? Why are these mother fuckers writing books? Whom are these people are really worried about?


Rollback friends. In good or evil: equability

Is Yog >> so if a fucking Yog is able to have this attribute, then what about the god? Then if he is seeing everything as same, then he is fucking not listening to all our prayers!!!!!!! As he is seeing entirely that is different (ONE) from what we are seeing (Fucker and fucked – TWO) !!!!!


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