Meditation: Journey to the inner self to be omnipresent.

Well this is a very powerful meditation, and im sure you will be really omnipresent after this meditation.

Close your eyes, take deep breaths, settle the breath, tune the breath to a rhythm, once you found a rhythm, take 11 conscious breaths, feel it, taste it if you can, touch the air gushing from the valves, see how the chest is expanding, see how the belly is expanding, sense the subtle numbness in the head.

Now imagine yourself coming out of your body, like a soul, who is your palm size. You can see your self, listening to me, obeying to me, and just sitting still.

Imagine your brain/mind as a flat board, like a chess board with black and white checks, imagine that your entire memory bank is segregated into the black – bad and good – white. Now you can clearly see that your head is not curved anymore but flat one. Now slowly walk around the face, be quires to see what is, have a peep.

Now fly to the level where you can see your chess board, and they are all having pit like boxes shaped within where these memories are stored, hey look at how they all recognise you, everyone is shouting from there respective boxes, its me, its me, its you. It’s a bit noisy out there don’t be bothered.

See each of the memory that they are shouting as a person, a person just same like you, and don’t worry its already a dejavu to see your self so many split forms.

Zoom into one of the box, doesn’t matter which box it is, stand beside yourself, see your self, touch him, ask him who are you? He will recite the memory that he holds, he will tell the story the same way, they same words, the same emotions that you before spoken to your friend.

You walk around into all other boxes of memories you will see they are all you, and all about you. Everywhere, you should feel by now, you are omnipresent within you, its so huge, they are so many of you, you are everywhere. You will loose the conscious of differentiating yourself for if you have come from outside or been here for a while? Don’t worry, these are all the place where you live, you can’t be scared about yourself? Stay as long as you want, once you are ready,

Come out of it, and open your eyes, and shake your head hard from right to left, and left to right, do this for the 11 times.

Who are you now? I mean how are you now?



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