when im gone

The Science says, there might be other planets that might have life on it! Would be going there to try after we die? Do you think me must have always been here and always belong to earth?

What are we made of? When are we made? Do we have other forms? Like how we can get into the human bodies, can we get into another? Do we really need a living or body that lives > that means that has to die? The what is being immortal> not know when we die like how we define infinity> is it struck in one place for ever?

You shout loud, how long can it be heard, You all humans shout – at one time, how long its heard? If a fucking planets and stars are all talking in light years, where would have been the so called god? Where is he hearing you? Ok lets change the scale, take a cell in your body, it screamed, a part of others who are around could hear it, could you? Your mind cant take few details, the same way is there not a possibility of the god to not hear us?

I just cant understand, why are the souls born onto earth? Again and again, years after years! Life after life? When the emotions were created by the humans, the communication was crated by the humans, is he so obsessed about being human? If he really want to be something else (salvation) … what a rubbish am I writing!

I am an accidental happening. When im dead, im dead. I is gone, dead.

Nothing else.


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