commentry: Possessiveness : 0898

: spoiler: To me, relation is the first adulteration to humanity.
the greatest treasure that one carry all his life, is himself, this “himself” has a creator – parents, and other supporting people that made it possible to where he is right now. but then, the respect or relation or love , are things not on demand, but to be “happenings” naturally. hence i reject the segregation of people as family, friends.
now coming to best, intimate etc, this is now divide and rule policy.
what we rule? we rule our ego, our selfishness?
when this rule hurts other its flagged as possessiveness or obsessive compulsions or what ever on earth a human can come up with.
So possesivness is or can be defined or validated if only if, one of the people involved in the relations can not meet up to the demands of the relationship.
when we say relationship: that means, unspoken words of AGREEMENT. therefore we are able to participate in this thing called RELATIONSHIP.
when this AGREEMENT is not flexible enough, the people fall out, and one of the reason that one can find is possessiveness.

to conclude:  this is a 100 subjective, and can never be debated, but only commented.
If there is a compliance between the two, that is the rule, thats the ethics. now the 3rd involved always an alien, to read and write.

these words that i choose, are from a Misanthrope point of view. and i have no personal feelings or expression, a point to prove to anyone here. in this course if any one is offended, My apologies.

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  1. I like the stuff you choose to write.

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