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Take 1: We are a tourists, Today/this life we take the identity of the body and we call ourself as Anand, tomorrow we might call it something else, So be gentle to the body, as it is really striving hard to keep it working for you. take 2: Today when a persons act offends you, think once more or use this as an excuse to not punish him, that he is doing these act out of his best of capabilities, and the best went through many of his hardships. Take 3: Do things that you are happy to undergo if placed in his shoes. Take 4: Every one is in search of so many things, people running around, turning all the hoods open to see if they have got what they are looking for, in this due course we might meet the people whom we call them as nuisance, guys, you two criss crossed, both come from different worlds, both have call their gods with different names, just because he doesn’t take your gods name, dont pin him down. (God her is referred as not lord – the GOD, but in terms understandings, moral, mentors, philosophies).


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