Paraphilia – Many(Pest)ation

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Mixed with:Quote.

On ne voit bien qu’avec le cœur, l’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux

me: I made few wallpapers btw, yesterday, i guess you have might want to take time to check them

11:51 AM shipwreak: oh..

me: oh
11:52 AM me: but its a dfeault you will see updates from me DAILY 😀
11:53 AM your quotes will always stir lots of thigns to speak, i would like to congratulate to finding a bullshit quote in my context 😀
int he pic i made: Paraphilia
11:54 AM shipwreak:— lo undaa?
me: yes
it is
shipwreak: choosta
me: i thought of adding a Question mark symbol, which is projected this way, like a hanger holding the heart, and hung to the shelve
11:55 AM and i thought, i will write a line on that quote, saying that,
i wear this, when i want something for free,
11:56 AM and there is another version of the heart put to the hanger
: this heart is well placed to the hanger rather than the talking about love
or anything else,
as nothing of them exists
11:57 AM fucking heart, lungs are the same … its just because, what a person can think, can be felt in that orgon predominantly
shipwreak: chaala unnaye..
me: it doesnt mean that the heart can think……
shipwreak: there are many..
me: Check the thumanail….
this is paraphilia
11:59 AM does the image make sense?
12:01 PM shipwreak: what does the word Paraphilia mean?
me: Its a disorder, where one gets aroused very frequently and resulting in masturbating more number of times
12:02 PM this is a kind of compelsive disorder
shipwreak: oh..
me: humans are like this ……
DESIRE is has the same attribute
people can not avoid themselves not be aroused to many things, or infact everything
12:03 PM but then, he asks, he answers, and he recives, and he says he is HAPPY getting what he want,
so this is not law of manifestation
but law of maniPestation,
infact many-Pest-ation
like binging….
12:04 PM humans therefore very eligently been names as Virus, a Plague, that spreads, that multiplicats in the movie matrix
by the Agent
12:05 PM shipwreak: all this was spurred by that quote of mine?
12:06 PM me: A petrol need an excuse to combust,
tommorow fire me the same quote, i will still burn 😀
this is another compulsive cumbustive disorder
shipwreak: hail OCD>>
12:07 PM me: Hail OCD
shipwreak: who says disorders are to doom you!
me: hahaa… An adult saying is there,
Dengaleni vadu, sulla vonkara ani anadu ata
12:08 PM the censored version, a Craftsmen doesnt blame his tools
the same way, a person who intented to blame(Read the definition) will search a subject … if not the object, do the subject
12:09 PM wat ever it is …… its still once own ego play
12:10 PM
shipwreak: a quote..
is from
12:11 PM ‘la petite prince’
the little prince
me: i googled it
i found the translation luckily
shipwreak: oh.
what does it say?
12:13 PM Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.
Which means that
For this interpretation is more sensible to me >>> The essential things in life are seen not with the eyes, but with the heart.
as i call this as
12:14 PM A humans incapability to accept that this is what his mind cant understand
he call it or claim it to be work of heart,
and it is FUCKING!!!! supiror!!!!!
this is the same vulnarablity whitch which fucking GOD creeped into humans mind
12:15 PM bloody helll, just dying to get a Hotfix for this vulnarability
i would like to post this conversation on my blog
is that ok?
shipwreak: yes..
no problems

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