Some fucker Thought First!

If there was no mind, there wouldn’t have been an Act.

If there was no Act, there wouldn’t have been a consequence.

If there was no consequence, there wouldn’t have been me.

If there was no Me, there wouldn’t have been you.

If there was no We, There would have been heaven Of course.

——————————————-im adding a mail reply that is relevant to this topic.

Mail said:

” there are three different identities to a person..
* what others think he is
*what he thinks he is
* what he actually is.. ”


The order of thinking!
1. what he thinks he is,
2, what others are.
3, what other thinks about him.

the bullshit line for sure is “what he actually is”……. its is a journey, that’s a dynamic definition, which can only referred to a context, event, time, place, people, or others……………

But to end with, its starts from “Thinking” which creates him, and that grows or spreads, to the world, and so he justifies his reality, now when the reality is present, or i should say, the game is ready, we need players, and rules, and objective and cycle and appraisal for the game,
fortunately, or unfortunately, the creator mask with a gift called “forget” that he will hide certain details, that can create crash the system of the game, so he forgets, or creates seals, that for him to crack upon will take nearly impossible.
And so come the existence of world in “Normal” terms.
All this spiritual tools are so called helpers to unlock those memories of the creation. consciously. which i call this attempt as a clinical suicide of the normal human.
I Would like to clarify that, this is not salvation, or liberation associated with god, but yes from words “normal”.


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