The Incredibly Shrinking Woman:Connie Jackson

Few weeks before i discovered a website called and then, there was one picture i saved, which says that ” im thin now but the fat from within”.

Today i was watching this documentary in SKY-Real-lives, which titled as “The incredibly shrinking women”. (Today my mood wasn’t right – Frustration mixed with loads if anger).

I walking all around the room, just to absorb the shock that i was taking, the documentary shook me really hard after a very long time, the last time i pushed myself to watch the entire movie was “the passion of Christ” 4 years ago.

to what she underwent, the way she handled it, the choices she made, the determination she had, the faith, hope and trust she had, were all something which is beyond my sense of understandings, never in my life until now i think i had any relevant emotions that will match those moments.

My dad had brain hammerage 7 years ago, that’s when i learnt the about the living gods, The DOCTORS. i know how they brought back my dad to life. i know the journey from the lying the bed and to resurrect back. today once again, i lived those months in this programme.

by the end of the programme, im sure i wanted to post her, as i met another god on my way, who stood against the odds and won the battle.

on her website, the welcoming statement says, wherever you are in your life…. please know there is hope!

There were moments, when i was crying, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck, ……why does some have to undergo this at all, why do people die day after day, so horrendously, with so much pain in mind, heart and body, today if i let assume that god exists, i would say, FUCK, and then probably cry “Why”, then probably will dodge the bullets.

Im proud of her, for she won the odds, We the humans, laid a mark. sure.

All the best connie for your life. hope you have a happy moments for ever.

with love(the word that im using after a long time)



Whether you are researching weight loss surgery, seeking advice from someone who has been there, or just looking for some real solutions for your body’s nutrition, you will find support here. Thank you, and welcome to


Connie Jackson

  1. You are welcome..and I am glad the show inspired’s been a long journey for me..and still I am not complete…life is all about the courage to change. I will have my 21st surgery in january of 09..keep me in your thoughts. The journey all began with one step and the road has been long. I have met many good friends along the way, and I am stronger for it. We all have the courage to change, it just takes some of us longer to come out of our dark breaking point was 600 pounds…there was no looking back for me after that day I saw the reading on the scales.

  2. kenneth sears said:

    Congrats on your wonderful life. I wanted to know what was your father’s name? I think your mother’s name was Faye.

  3. My father’s name was james Everett Willis. He passed away in January of 1996, the most difficult day of my life. No amount of pain, even from all of the surgeries could match the pain felt on that day. Have a blessed holiday season and stay connected.

  4. Donna Means said:

    I often wondered what happened to Connie Jackson. She is definitely a trooper.

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