RE: Finding Liberty in WALL-E

The other day when i saw the post on the wall-e (here) after i watched the movie, i happened to come across a site i saw many sites like these before but this time it gave me a new meaning. (for more shocking videos like these sites, click here)

Wait, there was one more thought in the cooking pot. a great man in my context said once ” there is nothing wrong with the world, and there is nothing to be changed, everything is just perfect”

sorry one more igrediant that i forgot to add. from my person life. i understood “you cant fight machine long for time”  ( i worked in a factory for part time and i felt what a nightmare it is to run with the machine and work”)

Now the reply to this post is


is there anyone who could understand what im talking about?


this post remind me of a physics experiment, when on a Top all the seven colors drawn, and spin then the resultant color is white !


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