Its all my problem

So no one can solve any persons problems.

no one can understand your problem.

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  1. Den said:

    Drug is a substance used as a medicine or in making medicine itself. On the other hand, addiction is defined not with the quantity of drugs taken but with the passion and intensity associated in taking those.

    I take Melatonin, Sleepasil, and Leizenzi to induce myself into reverie. With the kind of work that I have, sleep is such a priceless pleasure. I feel energized and refreshed whenever I exceed eight hours of sleeping.

    I take Vitamin B Complex and Marvel Taheebo because my sight catches them every day on our medicine cabinet. It is my mother who really takes it. I dont know what these two are doing on my system but one thing I know is that they will serve as an added protection, one way or another.

    I take Ascorbic Acid because it is one of the cheapest vitamins that I can take advantage of. I grew up taking a tablet or two of Vitamin C and it seems that it is already a habit already injected into my system.

    I take Therabloc. During my pre-employment medical exam for PeopleSupport, the physician found out that I have heart murmur. I consulted a cardiologist because of this and I have undergone a series of tests which pointed out that my heart and its beating is perfectly normal. However, it was ruled out that I am hypertensive and so I have to take Therabloc to regulate my blood pressure.

    I take Revicon. It fuels me up and it boosts my stamina. Just like everyone else, it has already been a part of my daily rituals. Be it Clusivol, Centrum, or Enervon— they are just the same. They all have the same purpose.

    I used to take Glutathione and soon I realized how expensive and ineffective it is. And even if I would earn a fairer skin, nothing will change. I will still be an Asian. I will still be the same Den. I quit taking this supplement and vowed never to take anything of the same kind.

    I am taking these drugs— along with other stuff which I fail to enumerate, to help me combat those illnesses. I just hope that there is something I could take to maintain my so-called sanity.

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