This is a notes, a rough draft jotting down few thoughts for the blog. this article  triggered me to write,  after watching  the documentry The Day I Died – BBC Documentary (A BBC documentary on the near death phenomena of entering some parallel dimension.) so you shall see my writings  talking more in reference to this material. i recommend to watch it take more advantage of this post.

What is akashic records?


Akashic records, is like a big cloud of thoughts, Its a repository that is formed to the thinking, and consciousness accumulated of the ages. Akashic records is a state of the highest. though the consciousness below can exists, they exists in bands, and the state of it existence is based on the energy. and a consciousness becomes a reality when the equivalent resources is obtained, E=Mc2.

The same way, karma is based on the energy, karma is a state of a existence, if you are rich you have attributes of it, same way, when making connections, its a conscious decision taken among the same level of the band.

NDE (Near death experience):

Life is all about memories, that are created by a person, now what if i could change some memories of yours? what if you could do it some how what im thinking. what if it is true, you think that you are hearing my conversation with my friend, but then you are capturing my memories thats been created now, and you assume that you are hearing? what if you knew it right, but express it wrong?

when we die, the core detaches, looses a lot of memories, before it finds a new host, but once you find a new host, then your core will be customised, that is re-blended to the family physiological and emotional conditions, and thus gives you a hybrid you. this is your evolution from life to life.

and when i say life, you, it means the thoughts, the core. this is all the effects of mind, some how got clicked. a fatal accident that happened.

if we have 1000s and millions of thoughts, then i ask what binds all together to form an identity, the you? so there is a core that generates gravity of the thoughts, how did get created? Im not sure. I guess the most repetitive and more quality memories that hard code’s itself to become a core. Which a person probably calls them as instinctive actions.

I have to refer a fantastic visionary scene from the movie the matrix, where the Morpheus explains when neo gets hurt in a training simulation.

“I thought this wasn’t real.”

“Your mind makes it real.”

“So if you’re killed in the Matrix, you die here?”

“The body cannot live without the mind.”

n Neo and Morpheus

What if we see the same thing in the reverse way?

Your mind makes it real and can also be true that, the real is what, the mind believes.

So what is real? And what are we talking about? Is the objective real? True to be talked about? This is when Im more convinced to be better lived like animals rather than than the humans who are sabotaged with the curse of there minds. To an existent they need the god that they created as a form of saviours.

How different it is a commonsense is different what I believe in aakashic records?

The brain that creates spontaneously, or the ability of the human to create anything, the same way, the thought in the aakashic records are constantly thinking, and creating a new thoughts, the life we are living now, is already happened in the aakashich records, the volume is like this.

Consider you at a point of action, the probabilities of you responding in way is “many”, the life could take a different course in every possible act that you choose to, and like this moments, you a life full. And now think of the probabilities in that scale, are you dizzy now? Then wait, aakashic records is running on the scale of the humanity. So it’s a definite bank of wisdom.

Why do many people share the common the visions? I hope after reading until the above you should know the answer.

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  1. VIJAY said:

    Starting with Einstein theory comparison is good. Karma is based on the energy … triggering my mind in other way. Every thought also the form of energy , if doesn’t matter good or bad, depends on intensity it becomes action or may be wait for right time.
    There is a question when we die, what type memories are carry forward and all memories or only part…? How the thoughts are creating is a good question? with 5 senses what ever experience happening is recording in our hard disk. With remembrance identify objects and create thoughts according to that. If we see any new object mind try to identify or compare with old recorded collection and create one or more thoughts. Every thing in this world is object, mind split, divide for recording.
    Is there any possible state mind doesn’t create thoughts, many times it’s happening. I am wondering if I think something and how these are all tagged and relating, connecting with me.
    Matrix “The body cannot live without the mind.” – It’s possible I think. What about coma stage, Amnesia, in shock, when mind doesn’t work body exits.
    Mind, the collection of thoughts creates this world. Living like an animal is simple life true, but animals life is only habitual, no creation, no sixth sense(how far we are using is different question). In this planet humans are good creation.
    Regarding aakashic records I need more time to understand express my thoughts(may be I have to borrow from aakashic records….!!!!!
    This is a lengthy comments isn’t????

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