Brain Meditation

“A mind that is in meditation is concerned only with meditation, not with the meditator. The meditator is the observer, the senser, the thinker, the experiencer, and when there is the experiencer, the thinker, then he is concerned with reaching out, gaining, achieving, experiencing. And that thing which is timeless cannot be experienced. There is no experience at all. There is only that which is not nameable.”
–    J. Krishnamurti
Now as mentioned by JK, there is a process or procedure called as “Meditation” and there is a “Meditator” who experiences the fruits of the meditation.  In my context  this is all minds play.
“Meditation” and “Meditator” are not different and be aware that the “Person” or “Actor” or “Identity” is not different from the any of the above two words. They are all pieces of data or information hold by the brain.
You, are a person and all your identity is hold by the brain, and then the next story comes into existence, now the identity creates a requirement or the need of peace or what ever fuck it needs, now it creates or buys the crap called mediation now since it bought, the person who is responsible to buy this is none other than our meditator.
What a pity……?
Fuck human.
Fuck brain.
Fuck all.


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