Fat Boy Slim – How I Lost Weight?

dotsaY BEGINS...

0.0 understand why you want to loose weight
0.1 why is that you failed before.
0.2 Do you hate who you are? or do you realise how you abused or missused or taken it for granted till these days.
0.3 do you want to be beautiful or healthy?
0.4 do you want to respect your food or body or both?
0.5 who are all the stake holders of wanting to eat, eating, digestion, burning, and so on…?
0.6 How are they doing now?
0.7 what changes do you think you should let them inculcate?
0.8 Are you ready and prepared to fight the competitor called “you” the present “you”  the your “Mistake”?
0.9 what are his sources to out buy your efforts?
0.10 How will convince to out buy your competitor?
0.11 how important is it for you to stay healthy ?
0.12 do you want to live long?
0.13 do you want to live well?

1. obesity is a disorder.
fix the mind, fix the attitude to food, fix the attitude to health.
2. understand what is the difference between dehydration and hunget.
3. drink water at least half an hour before lunch or dinner.
4. while having dinner dont drink water. (practice it, you can you do it)
5. drink water after half an hour of having the meal.
6. walk daily or exercise regularly.
7. At any given point of time there should not be acidity or Gas.
8. when breaking the rules, never break the quantity rule at any cost.
9. quality rule if implemented at all time, is a true achievement.
10. quality is to have balanced nutritious diet.
11. quantity is to have a that suits your nature of work.
12. why not break quantity – because when hungry we are filling the stomach sack, so when you take more than the normal/fixed quantity that means the sack is bloated, hence when this damage is done consistently for 3 days, then it takes longer period to heal.
so when you have Gas, its the greatest villan, as yo havent eat the food but the sack is bloated for nothing. so get the quantity right.
13. Passing motion daily is very vital. hence fiber and water is your keys of success.
14. how to work out on quanitity? initally meausre you food intake for a month, get the average weekdays and weekends consumption. log the moods of the day too. now the second month try to shrink a little bit, if you are consuming 3 soup cup size of bowls, then get it to 2.5 cups a day. so get this meausrements you have to serve the foods from your measurement bowl to your plate at all times untill you know app how much you are eating.
15. once you have achieved a significant control or habbit of eating right quanity then only try to fix the qality of the food.
16. plan as an year planner and not below that, as loosing weight is a new attitude of looking into the self, food. i am sure we are great saints to swallow our egos and do anything untill unless you are some kind of stubbern bastard (its still good here), or get into the mood of abusing with healthy products than the abusuing with junk 😉 .
17. if possible pay a short visit to a genral ward or emergency wards at your local hospitals and chant a question ” what is it that i have and they dont?”
18. hey dont forget to drink loads of water after coming from work untill you sleep, as you can pee a lot without any inhibitions.
19. when ever opting a food, go for juicy, gravy, easy digestable, low calory, but sack filling, non earated, less oily, the best tasty food 🙂 .
20. practice to keep a delicious food infront of you and smell at dont eat, but give it others. practice to master it.
21. practice to chew food and spit it, and not swallow it. practice to master it.
22. pay a visit to massage as frequent as possible.
23. try to be in as happy moods or relaxed mood as possible, as people bing more in bad moods.
24. try to perform a gut clean once in a 3 month.
25. try to vomit once in a week at least a month.
26. eat less but with more intervals, forget that there is something called dinner and lunch, as break those meals into two times of eating.
27. Breakfast is a must, never ever try to neglect, it.
28. take a multi vitamin tablet once a week. alternative day is also fine.
29. Obesity is not about the weight, its about the person who is now, and after the transition. so its very very important you know that person and most importantly love the new person, but to forgive and let go the old person with a gratitude and thankfulness.
30. Buy a weighing machine and place it where you can use daily.

these are few thoughts that i could think off…. if need be i will add more point to it, on my blog later.
thank you

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