Stress Complex

Stress is a measure of the average amount of force exerted per unit area.
Act = Force
Areas, for any given point of time, there are of three possible types of areas.
1. Like
2. Dislike
3. Dont know yet.
Since Areas of mind(thoughts) are not independent, that is they there are many other dependent thoughts for every idividual thought. for example, Sex: has to with the very understanding of the act, emotions, phyisical, environment, the other partners same attributes listed above, and so on.
Visualising the area is like one octogan cell on a football, and when you excert force on it, the force or energy is also dispersed onto the other cells that are dependent. hence in an act, anything can become the top stressed out or run out of acceptence levels of shock, or has come close to the breakwven point of it flexibility.
if assuming that prime cell on which is not of our like, which itself is a stress, and what if the other adjacent cells feel the stress. then how complexly are we feeling the stress?
At times the stress also flows like the ripple, one act will trigger different stress points in other areas, and imageine what about their dependent cells undergoing the stress?

PS: this article is to be visualed in a semi physic(al) aspect only.


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