Reflection on Relationships

So either ways….. i would suggest you to define/ponder/reflect/write in your own words, and with own wisdom, what is a human? What is it called a relationship? What are the different types of relationships? What are the different ways of identifying or to name between two people? What are the intellectual, emotional aspects and expectations behind all the acts? What make a relation successful? What make a relationship fail? When is that there is a need in a relationship? When is it there is no need in a relationship? Can human ever be independent? Can humans exist independently or dependently? Why do humans procreate? is there a pattern for procreation – Creation – Relationship? In you time spend on earth so far, list the number types of relations you have created? List why you created? What you got of it? What you want more of it? What needs to improvise? How long they have to be? How could you draw a line between mothers love, fathers love, friends love, love.. Or just friends? What is the difference of the warmth that is found in the mothers/fathers lap different from brothers/sisters friend/spouse?

And so on ….. Finish these Q&A i will speak to you soon.


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