Through-put >> Wish You Great New year

Thought for the year that is Passing by, and the year on it way.


In communication networks, such as Ethernet or packet radio, throughput is the average rate of successful message delivery over a communication channel. This data may be delivered over a physical or logical link, over a wireless channel, or that is passing through a certain network node, such as data passed between two specific computers. The throughput is usually measured in bits per second (bit/s or bps), and sometimes in data packets per second or data packets per time slot.

>>> the system doesnt understand ethics, but only Win & Loose, Live or Die. The system is a Machine which is designed to facilitate change. No matter who you are, what you do, you, me and we all live in this system. Hope your average rate of survival in the great battle of survival on this earth is satisfactory.

From A Retire Hurted


*** Forgive me if this is not the best way to greet People for new year.


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