Proof of rebirth ?

Hi Viajy,

Nice Article, i agree to it mostly to what i understood. But to understand i need to learn more about the scientific aspects that he was citing there. however its sound acceptable.

But a human is reborn for this reason too:
A Human is wrongly defined or confined to ” One Life” and greatly missing the point or never accepted that his identity was and is and will continue to be there, I will put it in simple analogy, Sandeep was born on a date, since then till he die he sleeps and wakes every day, similarly a person or an identity is long since born and like every day we “Need” to sleep weย  “Need to Die”. But how we know about us every time we wake up that we have a job to go for, life to live forย  and so on…. we also know the Lives that we were living, but since due to human adaptions or human limitiations, we dont recollect to the Identity in macro level. but keep refering to saying like in advaitha ” God is dreaming, We are all a part of it” . Subconsciously we understood it, but can be felt or understood or realised that only after we die, and also i should refer a subconscious statement “Aham Brahmasmi” …. ๐Ÿ™‚
We then now coming back to the missing point that i written above so far. “Why is it that We live and die” and how is this driven, what is this all about the Akashic Record, and its working principle of “Karma” and so on. The simple logic or analogy that i would like to share here is “the ones and the Zeros” The entire humanity or his reality is based on Duality, and the very fundamental definition of “Karma” is about the good and bad, and hence any of the reality that the human can perceive is or have to be Dual in nature, emptyness and nothingness are really nothing to understand or felt. Now for a Memory to hold of create, you need a the logic of cumpoters logic called “On: and “Off”.
On is the birth, and Off is the death, i would like to give a perspective of how complicated we could be somewhere living.
please read this article:
Now ask a question: With Alphabets there is Words, with Words there is sentences, with sentences there is meaining to a saying, and sentences or language is to express, and is a symbolysim of Creating Reality. Now considering one life wisdom, which had to be translated in using the Morse code language, which a simmilar construct of the ones and zeros, now what volume are we talking about one life lived millions of lives?
so does this question take to you to some haunting questions and make you feel, is this all possible, or wrong?
๐Ÿ™‚ lol….. i dont know, i know its all fucked up all there, and give a chance i want to be the “Zero” or to terminate the whole system, the final Switch down and we are all gone for ever.

Thank you Vijay for the post.

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