The saw a post here. lol. I saw the title, refering the that holy text, and this is what i understood, or the picture in my head. i would like to write a visual description of the image in my mind.

A man, is walking in the dry grass open land, far way nothing seen, its hot, and vultures sounds can be heard, yes you are right, a typical lost cowboy in a deserted land, thirsty and in search of water but no hope says his eyes. Now he sees something odd, a Scripture call this a scripture X, where X = bible, geetha, quran,…….. (not in any order)

Now he The Human who is reading this boook, who understood everyword he read, the papers are flippying at the speed of the papers fying in a windy storm, the light emanating, slowly the wings forming, light emerging, head ring forming, and scripture after scripture……. he reads them all…. which followed his path. thats it……………………….. He dissapiared like the NEO in the matrix film in the climax into the sky.

πŸ˜€Β  lol

this will be shown in a comic way……..


so….. Keep away from these books, these will give promote you out of this planet.

Visual exmples of how its going be :

  1. Swetha said:

    You should think about putting these thots pictorially
    Ohh wait that means you will have to write less… πŸ˜› then no no don’t πŸ™‚

  2. sch said:

    mmmmmmmmmmm. It is with geart regret that people that are spiritually blind are attempting to lead each other. The way they read and think they understand but do not. If you go to my blog you will see the 1000+ contradictions and the additional evidence that proves their blindness.

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