The Valentines day Blues… Err I mean Reds

The Valentines day Blues… Err I mean Reds Valentines’ Day: A Celebration of so called “Love”. Love, Is probably the most sought after emotion and is a must have. It is that butterflies feeling in your tummy, that blush on ur cheeks and that feeling that skips your heartbeat, those sweet nothings you do that will make you feel so happy, those sacrifices that make u’d love to do again and again those wonderful times you have together and those fights where at the end you again patch up coz all that matters is love at the end of day . I’m more nervous than looking forward for this day this time.. How has it changed over the period of time. It is now more of a physical need than emotional. It is more evil than it ever was… I really do not understand how can someone splash acid on the person you love? Oh well stop calling it love in the first place…. There is no place for so much hatred when there is love. It is our duty to educate them, I’d say parents have very less to do in this. It is friends and the circle you hang out with that is behind such incidents. Ohh ya and movies I must say is the core inspiration to be in the “I have to get what I want else I will kill it” attitude. I know I hyper react to such events and write posts like “I hate Men” but at the bottom of the day when I cool down I learnt that the only way to cure something is with love. There are too many issues that revolve around this… * Infatuation : * Physical Vs Emotional(need) : * Love Vs Hatred : And among all this there are some happy stories too.. with the valentines day right in the corner I hear this buzz around me with people planning for surprises etc and I was thinking that this day dint mean a lot to me except that its my best friends birthday and like every year we are gonna have a rocking party
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Love, Is probably the most sought after emotion and is a must have. >>> We have been well programmed by this statement, and of course the sanity of humanity is very much dependent or is a slave to it.
However i feel that the there is a nothing as Love, but its all Like. Like can be categorized into two: namely Poetical and intellectual. the so called filmy booky love we see is this, the so called i like chocolate, i like tea , i mean where the ego accepts the likes. since humans failed to define love, i came up with understandings.
However i can justify this in many other ways, for now i pause.

How has it changed over the period of time. >>> the words are same, the meaning probably is also same, but differently lived, by who? you, me and we all. Humans are the best for there skills to adopt and adapt. hence i completely embrace this change, however it hurts the human ego and emotions anchored to the previous generation.
It is now more of a physical need than emotional. >>> we live in a newage where intellectual survival superseeds physical and later emotional. logically to prove this, information is wealth, and the rate of survival is greatly reflecting the power of knowledge and skill. with great intellectual minds comes great facts, great facts are those which are understood, felt, touched, tasted, now what about the emotions? lol……… like the undefinable, unseen, omnipresent, white light, violet light, golden light are all well worth confined to the Pooja room or the temple at street end. who as time to spend time after 9-5, the weekends? the competition is so high, we drift away with the current.
With this lifestyle that we choose, that we are embracing, come with a price, it is EMOTION, the more fastfood style love you choose, the better you can grab a byte in between your breaks.
I really do not understand how can someone splash acid on the person you love? >>>> if i poetically understand that Love is freedom, to let go, to forgive comes free with it, hence in a way we need education.
I’d say parents have very less to do in this.>>> I will say FUCK! parent, they dont know what is love, what it takes to love a kid, they dont love themselves, they dont love thier spouse, now they needed a kid? where on earth did a fuking parent teach how to express happiness, how to express sadness, spoken about emotions, who the fuck taught us the word “Love”……
when you refered::::  It is friends and the circle you hang out with that is behind such incidents. ::::
It reminds me of how i heard about masterbation, and how others learnt it from friends. i think its the same case with Love.
I know I hyper react to such events and write posts like “I hate Men” >>> I agree what you say, i condemn the act, not the person though. who ever it is. But when it comes to the context you were referring, This Men… a married man, or committed, as you told, who has no absolute right to take decision alone, is no more the one man show, So i Herby also would like to make it clear is that the ethics or rules or what ever that binds them should be subjective, and when i say that, i dont mean what i feels good should not be good to them, and vice versa. so an act that hurt any one of the party in the act of marriage, are condemnable, but at the time of sin, who ask for redemption? the less egoist person, the ego foreplay the rational always due to lack of education in emotions.
I fuck them all in the name of fuck, who talks poetically, religiously, politically in the name of love, or about love, for love, fuck love. fuck anything that confuses me.
Me, who is a Victim of this mad crowd who lived and bread me into this hell. i fuck me, to write all this fuck. fuck!

PS: The Hypothetical opinions expsressed in that article have nothing to imply to the cited Article or the Author, directly or indirectly. hope the reader accepts this raw material served hot, straight from my head.

  1. Swetha said:

    I agree to most of what you said and disagree to some of it.
    May be its coz you and me have had different experiences. I wouldn’t judge you for what you wrote, I respect your feelings and thots.

    I agree that there is a lot of “hype” over “love” and I will still want to call it “love” than “like” as I feel there is a difference in the way a person will feel when you say it. And like you said I think its the programming effect, but am ok to lo(i)ve with it.

    “parents, they dont know what is love, what it takes to love a kid” Lets start being the ones who will. I always believed that we have to be that change we want to see in the world.

    People say its tough to understand a woman, but I was never able to understand a man, his power, his ego and what not !! Am writing a post on “” about the same pretty soon, will love to hear your thoughts about the same…

  2. Viv said:


    Though I didn’t completely understand it (I guess) I agree it’s a different perception of everything that’s running around us. I am making this comment based on what I could gather from the read. Way to go!

    Btw, men don’t understand women and vice-versa. That’s the design which makes things appear normal. That is one mystery that keeps many a couple stay together. For the best expression of a long lived parters mostly is considered as: “The more I know about this person, I realize there is more to know!”

  3. Gosay said:

    Viv & Lildisne: thanks for the visits and comments.
    Vis: I would like to correct that, human mind is a unique machine, its prime conditioning can be categorized into two environments, the man and the women, its a universal patter or common objective that everything has the power to procreate, so humans utilities its resource (starting with sense, body, which are its tools, events situations, people, place, ….) to procreate, in this due course, to recognize others or differentiate from the others, it primly creates Identities and ego/emotions/…. so all are uniquely different, there is no demand that one should understand the other, but its that the humans adopted to this nature. since we are all a byproducts of the past generations conditioning, we have greater egos to deal with, thank you to the modern age revolution that it is evolving and finding the harmony to this man vs women issue. but i have point to ask, is Randomness is same as that of the Mystery? we are random beings in certain domains of predictability .
    to me the perfect relation is like the transaction between the two parties, the rightly understood or projected demand and the rightly delivered service to fulfill the criteria of mutual benefit. however dramatic this is told in rituals, or by the peoms or what other media… i see it this way. Humans are big Crook, Crooking in the name of Love, God and what not anything, that (s)he is capable of creation in his mind.

  4. Viv said:

    Wow, that was quick! 🙂

    I completely agree when said that we are all programmed/ conditioned to act in a way or procreate, as you put it. By chance or by choice, that is the situation anyway. Something we chose because of [being byproducts of past generations] or whatever.

    “there is no demand that one should understand the other”; Exactly. There is of course, some overlap as we all live and react to the same society and surroundings. This has little relation to someone being a man or a woman. It’s an individual we can talk about.

    And randomness is not the same as mystery. In the big picture, we are random beings. However, when I zoom into many relationships (smaller picture), the mystery is the spice that helps one ‘cling’ to the other, in some sense or the other.

    Thanks to you- am thinking a little more in these lines now 😀

    Though I am as old as others of my age (hehehe), I haven’t got a chance to explore this domain with great interest so far. I guess it’s time I dig a little deeper!

  5. Gosay said:

    🙂 it was Quick because i was online, and im am online from this time. in ref to relationships you quoted. Relations must have Chemistry, like an unbalanced equation, relationship can be two ways unequal, constructive not positive ( hate to say that) destructive not negative. i could accept your view as citing to that of the constructive perspective. total output of the chemical reaction when seen as the mutual objective (thats why people get married, to share the common objective, which needs two people ) if the output matches to the common objective, then at given that point they were constructive.
    Strangely, we talk few consciously, many judge by emotionally driven by ego. when i say ego, need not be a arrogant, they can also be submissive, ego i refer to as identity, its greater gradient is the self centric. We are not yet well tamed, to live a good healthy mutual life, its just that few people are managing well enough, when challenged, they do give some points, but in my understanding, they think thats what is working, but NO, Its an accidental profit, which has been occurring concruntly, significantly, that which deludes the objective(3rd person) that they are happy…. this is the 3 party point of view only.
    BTW: Dont digg, anywhere, I would say, Think NOW!, i mean, current situation requirements, and roles defined, and obejective oriented. understand the human ego, how it likes to be pampered. it seems lie spoken enough becomes true, the same way, succeeding number of times makes you a happy married guy 😀
    PS: my perspectives and objectives are Misanthopic greatly. so will see many rejections, as i doubt the very objective of human existence.
    thank you

  6. Viv said:

    Hey, no problem, I think I understand what you say.

    And thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

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