Mantra Chanting Tips No: E65

Dear XXX,


I was Very fascinated and happy when i received this mantra from my sir (thank you K.B.Gopalkrishnan), However things did changed, if i understood well about the application of the mantra, and things that i learned from mantra sadhana. i wouldnt encourage greatly for people to do this mantra.
Let understand few things:

Obejctive of Lankavatara Sutra:
This mantra chanted when ever you have suspicious of any psychic attacks, like any haunted feelings.

Condition 1: suspicious of any psychic attacks
1. Please read the story of Prahalada.
2. Reflect on this story.
3. Take a break for 3 days.
4. read this story 2 times.
5. Refelect on this story.
6. Take break for 3 Days.
Now read the story one last time.
Things you should understand. that the most monsterous evil is his own father, which he always smiled and chanted his one and only mantra. “Om Namo Narayana” (im not endorsing this mantra but, please understand the logic, for understanding the mantra he chanted is X ). Inspite of horounderous attempts to kill his son, he failed every time.
This is the power of Chanting mantra of your Istha Deva/Devatha.

Condition 2: haunted feelings.
Where there is no God, there is Dukha. This is another great concept that you can understand from the above story. Prahlada saw everything, everywhere and everytime his God, hence he was at peace, free from any efforts to anything other than chanting.
Where His father saw Dukha (reality or Ego or Self). that means, he broke the very forumale called Aham brhmasmi.

What would i do?
i once had a small conversation with my diety, like this.
Devi, i think i have infactuation with mantras, im now tiered of running after these mantras when some tells its good for this and that. now since i have been a last commer in all, im now used to being last. Pain from childhood is a lifestyle to me anyway, so i have no great dreams or i dont mind setteling this way as it is.
But i was told that you are God, i mean for the studies, i know money is not your core duty as lakshmi is the one i should be after. but i love your mantra (thank you sir for giving me this) and i know you are god, that means you are greater than me. hence if there is little more than my(human) ability, please kindly do it, If i loose i dont blame you, if i win, lets party. and so did my journey continued with my diety. any situation, i use only one mantra. I see no Diversity in GOD. i see God(s) atleast in unity. however i shall fight my battle to see all in unity.
The feeling of hating or avoiding the low level spirits is very bad, i feel that im degrading my character in doing so. i feel, i rather choose a better feeling to execute in inteprarting or handling this situation, that is by giving love and nurture to the entity (learn this skill by observing your mother).
Learn to focus back to Chant, and no other technical Crap. Be brave to Say NO/Shut UP ears, eyes, mind or who ever is infront of you telling, Be it Buddha himself.

Trust you Diety (Learn from Marraige, what it is to live with one wife, and not sleeping with different women, just because each chick has a beautiful this and that).

Happy Chanting


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