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Take 1:

Firstly all Humans are waste of space on this planet, but give a chance to get rid, i will first get rid of MAN/MEN, next is Women. After reading this post, i felt that, you fuking men, accept this day, atleast one day, we are are more civilized than you. As the way we defined Civilization in context with animals, is what i can justify to what i wrote there. btw, the definition to the word, civilize: having a high state of culture and development both social and technological; “terrorist acts that shocked the civilized world”. The more people live mutually happy, the more rich in its civilization in my understandings. However Women are not angels. SO i will mark no comments to any of these days, call it a mothers day, fathers day… or what ever it is.  Get rid of these fucking humans.

Take 2:


So dont fuking go googoo gaaga about what you are doing, you fuking love doing it, then keep the fucking mouth and do it,  we are not here to award and reward, we are all as selfish as you are, its just that we are less poetic about you fucking . this applies to all those great fucking father and sons of their fucking fathers.

Take 3:

If people dont know how to get married, why to get married, how to choose a spouse, then fucking do it, why the fuck end up with things that are faulty, why the fuck you want to stay with it, even though we all die, we dont fucking have guts to rebel, and get as what we want, they all give all fucking reasons to and excuses called fuking god, fucking religion, to fuck thier lives and to be fucked by all…. these are all hipocritic whores, bitches and third grade. i fucking cant understand what is the objective of the prick owner and cunt owner, what the fuck are they upto? why they want to marry, why they want to live together? if the mutual agreement doesnt agree, then why the fuck is it to depart, they way they united? why and how the fuck is emotions can be rationally healthy, and why is it not called ethical.

We are all here fukcing few years, to fuck with the self and others, why dont you get fucked properly, instead feel like you are raped?

Take 4: Back to lessons learnt from my sir, we are here to learn lessons, if we are in situations described as the author, then it a lesson that we need to see holistically.

Why is this karmicly this person, this domain issue.

have i done anything in this life, to get this a repercussion ?

what is the lesson to be learnt?

what is that i have to forgive, the self, and other?

what is it needs and input that will bring harmoney, love and peace?

and so ask questions to seek thy answers…………

Original Post Said:

Saluting every Women …..

The meaning of a women is love and dedication
be it as a mother , a sister , a friend , a lover or a wife
the universe is so incomplete without her

inspite of the treatment she gets , she still holds her loved ones
just supporting you and your needs everytime
in the pains and in gains ….

I want you to think …. of how this cruel world has always behaved with women
She is still a ONLY a “house bird” , “kitchen stock” and a “Patner in BED” to many

Think about what she does for you ,
Think about how much she cares ,
Think about every minute she made you feel tha you are the BEST
Think about how you treat her …

Respect Women , for no matter how much a MAN you are , there cannot be anything that can even come close to being as TOUGH as a WOMEN ..

1 comment
  1. Swetha said:

    🙂 din’t see this one . how come you din’t track me back on this ..
    Any ways !!
    am with you on both Take 3 and Take 4 🙂

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