What is Freedom to you?

Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.
– Jean-Paul Sartre
Sandeep Yelubolu at 17:32 on 07 March
Freedom Never existed, and Never can. Freedom is equal to infinity, boundless and limitless.
Gunjan Gandhi at 01:15 on 08 March
Correction, complete freedom never existed. Freedom is the opportunity to own your destiny within the limits of reason and morality. Freedom is not having anyone define freedom for me and most importantly freedom is the freedom to make mistakes.
Leif Nisan at 16:23 on 07 March
Freedom for me is a small kid which is running behind butterfly in a park to catch it. But ain’t succeed in it. So we have complete freedom to do what we want but we should think for others freedom aswell. Leif
Sandeep Yelubolu at 11:50 on 08 March
hi Gunjan, “complete freedom ” When i start to think about this, i wish to think to the complete, im always amazed and confused, how is it that everyone is able to clearly define Freedom, and i end up in confusion. Anyways to what i learnt here is that, the major dependency of Freedom is its unique ground of execution, however the person interpret …  Read morethe ground is subject to change, the method of executing can be changed, the objective can be changed, expecting the observe to behave in the controlled fashion, and expecting the actors and elements involved in the ground should all work as expected and anything anytime within the author(Self) defined limits. Take 2: Reflecting on what you said, Its only Human who can experience this emotion, as all physical and biological elemets here on earth, are having its own chemical/physical…. properties, that means they are in freedom. but when people are involved, the conflict of interpreting freedom between two ppl is also freedom not experienced

Gunjan Gandhi at 15:31 on 08 March
Mate, take solace, you are not the only confused one. “Complete” and “Freedom” are both abstract concepts. I like your thought that “the conflict of interpreting freedom between two ppl is also freedom not experienced”, which sort of makes me see your initial argument that “Freedom never existed and never will” more clearly now.
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  1. Swetha said:

    Freedom to me is to be able to see/make everything I want to make/see turn into reality and also not to make/see that I don’t want to 🙂

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