The Pain Out there

What I know

What I have

What I need

What I get

What I got

What I feel

What I accept

What I deny

The resistance exhibited by the existing good towards, the intruding bad, is excruciating pain.

What If the pain never was in our system? But it’s only the resistance or the immunity at work, felt as pain?

What if the pain was always outside, and never was inside us.

This post is notes or my understanding to the UG works.

Hail UG

today early morning, it reminded me of the thought, if karma existed, like how we can nearly never know if we are creating a new karma, or nullifying the existing karma.

what if the in above raised speculation of the Bad out there was already in? stress and strain felt is intepreted by the brain, but who knows if its because of the good in us or bad in us. (yes we need two hands to clap, but im talking about the clap).

Hence the brain is a Curse.


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