Being or Begin to be “normal”


I dont have a straight forward answer to this topic, Im bold out in personal life, why is it that im always surrounded by people who lie left right center.

I Learned from my sir, that we attract people to learn lessons. however there is also a contradicting Idea to this, in given act, we dont know if we are making good karma or settling the existing karma. At the same time i also believe that there has to be an element of Freewill. I also agree that Out side world is a mere reflection of inside world(mirror).there is two for tango. identity or knowledge is a relative thing, so what is real? the subject or the self or the Difference?.

Having all these thoughts in mind, Im Struck. But i will say, As long you enjoy, as long as you know how to enjoy or make an attempt to know, as long as you can focus back to start to enjoy. you are doing the right thing.Be happy centric. If you are not having good time within your realistic physical limitations, then you are on the wrong planet my friend.

fuck the weired thought of yours or that geek. Say Keep Walking.

PS: thanks Swetha for the correction.

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  1. Swetha said:

    “As long you enjoy, as long know how to enjoy, as long as you focus back to enjoy. you are not doing the right thing”
    Did you mean “you are doing the right thing”??

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