At times..

Laugher. Laugher. Uninhibited…
People. People. All around…
Chaos. Madness. Like never before…
Growth. Success. To get somewhere…
Money.Power. Comes and goes…
Void. Empty. Space. That can never fill…
In a foreign land.

by: Priya

My Reply:

> well this short poem reflects your Auto-programe(emotions) (with a set of conditions to executed when prompted) to the foreign land.

> this is transition period.

> this is how the mind works to adopt or adapt to certain things.

> this a typical another statement of reason, which is triggered for further initiations to trigger.

> for a wave to propagate, one needs contractions and rarefactions to create a wave propagation, hence these mind creates good and bad for its continues strive to make its existence sensible.

> i wonder, people talk a lot about racism out there. but i wonder people never spoke about emotional racism. for people living in forign world, and feel bad means, the lifestyle (by the citizens of that nation) is creating an asault.
> money is not some thing that comes and goes, it is always on a move. its an energy, life force, like oxygen. if you breath in, it is in or with you, if you breath out, it left you. money is required for you to grow (like your body grows physically). we need this by all means, we are supposed to be taught how to respect it and consider or accept as one of living forces.
> feel the hurt, and live anyway.

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