Mutual Friend

A friend of mine was upset and set the status to ” is wondering why everyone she cares about is falling seriously sick…”

(1) it just reminded me of how, social networking flags the status under the profile you visited as Mutual friend (0,1,2,…).

i found that insted of the mutual friend, i saw the Sick speaking, Mutual friend is one.

(2) But it is to me a great statement, which has revalation, how ever it has sense or not, however she is the desiase that she struck to all, but then, this understanding or able to see that, the common person is the one.

How i was amazed? if were to have the ability to be the subjects (the loved once who feel sick) and the observer the self, and become one at a time the subjects, and then return back to the self, and  what if the none of people who fell sick dont know each other, to draw these kind of statement was also an act of intelligence, wisdom.

tbw… got to go to cooking.


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