broken wings

hm…….. may you guys heal quick and well………and keep walking in your life, remember that when people die, life doesnt end, we still continue. it good that you are now seperated with the beautiful 3 years lived, hope the lessons learned to love the fellow human being is neverthless a waste of time nor energy, continue to flourish in love thy self and the fellow soul, for all we strive for this love. love however understood, a man can not consume it all. as human is not god, and human is incomplete, and he dies. for that our limitations known, we the shall not break the brotherhood of loving one another, time after time, life after life . To this love i never understood, i dont know should i ask for it or not, but shall pray for the peace with or without the need of the other. I could have not posted it to you………. i could have saved it safe with me, but im tiered and sick of this life, no longer the meaning of living is apealing, no longer this give and take is fair trade anymore, i poverty and the power which is reality where we all live, im now lost and confused what is love, and how do i accomidate it with one another, it looks like a mirage. i really hope love is there, i really fucking god is there, if not, i will make one and kill that bastered to leave us all alone.



PS: this is a reply to the broken hearts  who deprated.


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