Google Latitude: Feature Suggestions


Hi ,

Well i have Feature suggestion(s) for this Application, Please Let me know your thoughts, and let me know what was their reaction.

1. Receiver should be able to reach broadcaster by System/Option (probably using goolge maps)
example: You are a Broadcaster, and allow me (Reciver) to Track you, when i click a “Reach” (Menu  option needed) , the System should enable the User to Select the User ID who is online/Live on Tracking, in our case, i will select your location, and Shall be in a position to Reach you.

2.  Group Meeting, and inviting.
we could create a New invite system Using Receiver. for this We need to Create an Event Based Location, and invite the users to Come to Specified Location.

3. reminder To Navigate:
the user should have a System to integrate the Reminder system to travel to a place. for Example: Pick up their Kid, who is Currently Waiting in a Nearest KFC, or Who is Waiting to Pick up the Kids Friend house.

4. Visible/Invisble Mode tracking.
the user should be able to Let not the system track for  a breif Period of time.

5. Video Broadcasting to Youtube Integration.
The User should be able to Broadcast Videos from the Given Location and be able to Upload Directly into their youtube account.

6. Log Feed Subscription. The Subscriber of a User should be able to get the feed of Travel. Example: Reached M1, Reached Luton, Reached Milton Keynes…..

7. individual Location of a user should have a Ref ID System, so that this information can be Used to Courier Service Providders to Give a Pic Up Location. or AA people to Give Pic up Location, Or Emergency Service Providers with thier current Location.
When a User furnishes the Reference ID, Then the System should be able to decode the ID to find out the Exact Location.

8. Temporary Tracking  Codes for special Purpouses:
the user can Genreate a Special code and Define the Expiry of the Code, The Code is integerated to the Tracking Session between two users.
This can be very useful for special needs in mentioned in 7, or can help give more privacy and scope to utilise the Tracking sytems with the Users Who are not in Friend list.

9. Help Hot Keyes:
in the event Of  Fire, water, threat in any form, the Special HotKey should be able to enable to Bradcast for reach out Help, for this They can List out “People to Ping” where the user will have to list all the Users emails, Phone numbers to be informed.

Thats all for now!

Take care


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